Identifying Eating Disorders in Patients w/Chemical Dependency

Dr. Steven J. KarpDr. Steven J. Karp is the chief medical officer of Rosewood Centers and his background in addiction gives him a unique perspective on eating disorder treatment. Read Dr. Karp’s full bio here. August 2013 Dr. Karp gave a lecture, Identifying Eating Disorders in Patients with Chemical Dependency, at the University of Florida. In this succinct and fascinating interview, he elaborates on the following ideas addressed in his presentation:

  • What is exercise bulimia?
  • What is the Freud’s Pleasure Principle?
  • What is the difference between chemical dependency and an eating disorder?
  • Is an eating disorder an addiction?
  • If a patient has a chemical addiction and an eating disorder, which do you treat first?
  • Can you give some examples of the bod